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Posted Jun 9, 2011

 Mission Statement

     It is the Mission of the Bay Saints Youth Football Association to provide a FUN introduction to youth football and cheer-leading, to the youth of Hancock County, MS.  Bay Saints Youth Football shall provide an experience that enriches our youth’s lives, by building character, creating life memories, life friendships, strong work ethics, strong social skills, teamwork, communication, discipline, and positive self-esteem.


     The Bay Saints Youth Football Association wishes to provide our children with a focused and fun developmental regular season, by leveraging small teams to maximize exposure, learning, and play time, while providing a competitive ALL STAR after season program, by combining the small teams per age group into one large ALL STAR team for participating in regional, state, and national level events.

     Bay Saints Youth Football will not measure the success of this program based on the number of Wins or Championships. We will measure our success on the number of kids who come back year after year.

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